Rawan Aljbour

Rawan is a Registered Dietitian has been providing nutritional services for almost 13 years and has helped thousands of people to manage their chronic diseases including Diabetes Type 2, Obesity and Cholesterol, and dramatically improve their quality of life.


Rawan is an International educated professional dietitian, graduated from University of Jordan in 2007 and worked in Middle East for 7 years in outpatient setting, moved to Canada in 2015 as an Immigrant had a dream to become an RD here. Rawan attended the International Educated Professional in Nutrition (IEPN) Program in 2017 at Ryerson University, Toronto. She completed 2 years of program including 1-year internship. Passed the CDRE and became an RD in 2019.


Fortunately, got a job as a Primary Care Dietitian since Feb 2019 and still there as a part-time Dietitian. My role there is Prevention and Management of Chronic Conditions and providing nutrition education to community for General Healthy Eating Topics including: 

  • Cooking for One

  • Eating on a Budget

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Healthy Recipes

  • Label Reading

  • Meal Planning