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Group Therapy 
Support Around Depression and Anxiety
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  • Catherine Chan, an experienced psychotherapist and social worker.

  • Has 40 years of experience in the field.







  • Ruka Watanabe, MSW student at University of Toronto

  • Hannah Monroe, MSW student at University of Toronto​

  • Sinéad Dunphy, MSW student at York University

What to expect: Are you between 18-29? Feeling depressed? Having difficulty coping with anxiety? You’re not alone. Join group therapy to learn and share coping strategies and to build a support system with other young people who have similar experiences. The group will meet weekly on Friday evenings over Zoom for 6 weeks. You don’t need to have a formal diagnosis or any experience with therapy to sign up. 

Dates: 7-9 pm on April 9, 16, 23, 30 and May 7, 14 (Fridays) (Updated!)

Location: Online via Zoom Meetings


Cost: Pay what you can - we accept whatever you feel comfortable paying and you are welcome to use your school or employment insurance.

​To register, please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly. This group is first come, first served. So please register early to save your spot.


I am a Social Work Intern at One Healing Space and a Master of Social Work student at University of Toronto. I am a cis woman and a migrant settler from Japan. I live with social anxiety and am also actively working on learning to manage the day-to-day feelings of anxiety!

As a co-facilitator, I am hoping to foster an inviting and inclusive space for everyone to share and explore their realities and lived experiences. I look forward to connecting with all of you and supporting you on your journeys!

I am a Master of Social Work student at University of Toronto. I have an M.A. in Critical Sociology from Brock University, where my thesis focused on the identities and perspectives of young adults on the autism spectrum. I am an agender queer person (she/her pronouns) with lived experience of neurodiversity and I have experience co-facilitating peer support groups.


As a co-facilitator, I hope to foster an affirming, anti-oppressive, and trauma-informed space where you can feel comfortable and supported in sharing your experiences and building coping skills!

I'm a current Master of Social Work student at York University. I'm a cis, white queer woman and live with depression. I have, at different times, been an organizer, group and workshop facilitator, researcher and community educator.


I aim to bring a trauma-informed, anti-oppressive lens to my work and will work to co-create a non-judgemental, empathetic space and therapeutic experience with you that will support you as we work together on your unique healing goals in this group therapy setting.

Benefits of Joining Group Therapy

The principal advantages of group therapy include:

  • Group therapy allows people to both give and receive support and encouragement from people who share similar experiences, reminding you that you are not as alone as you may feel.

  • Group members can serve as role models and sounding boards for each other. By observing someone successfully coping with a problem, other members of the group can see that there is hope for recovery and healing, explore options for dealing with concerns they may not have considered and be reminded that recovery and healing often look and are experienced differently by different people.

  • Group therapy offers a safe haven. The setting allows people to learn, practice and share experiences, coping skills, supportive behaviors and actions from each other and from therapists​ that facilitate the group.

  • Group therapy is often very affordable. Instead of focusing on just one client at a time, the therapist can devote his or her time to a much larger group of people.

  • By working in a group, the therapist can see first-hand how each person responds to other people and behaves in social situations, and provide valuable feedback to each client using this information.

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